Stacey Pickering
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I believe that PEACE BEGINS WITHIN, & I invite you to join me in tuning in to & feeding the whole, healthy vibrations within each of us, and creating a ripple of light & love, so that together, we can truly BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE.  

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It's an
a w a k e n i n g
and I believe it's stirring in all of us. And I believe we're not alone.

I believe we need each other. And I believe
we can -- and must -- do this 
t o g e t h e r .


wellness services

I am here for you,
and following are some ways I have found to share experiences that I feel help us come together to tune in, open up, listen, reveal, release, & raise the vibration, so that we can feel and heal, ourselves, each other, and the whole big ugly, beautiful mess of it all. 

. polarity therapy . sound healing . reiki . nutrition . eco-therapy . wellness coaching .

. reflexology . meditation . yoga .


. . . m e e t . s t a c e y . . .

Do you feel me? This is not easy.

But somehow, I keep choosing it. Because something, deeper than the doubt & fear & fury -- a knowing, or a remembering -- stirs in me & lifts me up, again & again & again. And when I face the things that once were buried, as they surface to meet me, and I move through them (which is the only way to the other side) -- they most of the time break me -- revealing cracks, openings, spaces, places for light to enter

And the light does enter. Every. Single. Time.

Because the light is my love, and my love is greater than my fear.

We Are Vibrational Energy. Our bodies, minds & spirits respond powerfully to sound. Music transcends the barriers of the logical mind & can connect us fully with our whole, healthy, brilliant beings. I have personally found deep healing, growth & purpose through the resonance of crystal singing bowls, vocalization & other instrumentation. I find great soulful alignment in sharing this gift with others, & witnessing the awakening, opening & expansion that occurs during & after healing sound sessions.

It is truly my pleasure to offer these connections to your vibrant health, & to raise the vibration together with you!

Now, more than ever, we are witnessing the breaking down of illusory structures that no longer serve us. We are standing face to face with the unmasked truth of a culture that has not honored LIFE. AND WE ARE ASKING OURSELVES HOW THEN, TO LIVE AUTHENTICALLY & HARMONIOUSLY, IN A WAY THAT TRULY NOURISHES & SUPPORTS ALL OF US.

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